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Find out what makes us sick, & how we get well.

The Common Good, Scientific Integrity,  Universal Generosity,  Cross-validation, and Diversity for Synergy so our cup runs over. 

Mission and Core Values of WELL, Inc.

Our mission is what we do: to find out what makes us sick, and how to get well.    We seek to comfort the sick with an easy pathway to health, and to challenge the healthy to grow in caring for the sick. 

Our Core Values are why and how we do it:


Universal Generosity

To all who might want it, we are giving away personal well-being:  what it is, how to measure it, and how to protect, grow, and share it.

The Common Good

In our communications, actions, and work products, we inspire individual and societal wellbeing, by doing the most good and the least harm to all people in the long run.

Scientific Integrity

We validate truth and demonstrate its practical applications by careful experimental design and literature review that avoid filter bias in what we learn and what we teach.


We seek and validate truth through multiple wisdom streams, such as religious wisdom, philosophical reasoning, historical inquiry, scientific research, objective journalism, life stories, and common sense.

Diversity for Synergy

We teach and help a full spectrum of people and society by letting them teach and help us.

Five-fold Mission Plan

1. CREATE AN EFFECTIVE TEST ~ The BLT now provides a free, anonymous, user-friendly, evidence-based personal wellness check in 15-20 minutes. This is designed to facilitate personal growth and healing for all who take it.

2. RESEARCH WHAT WORKS ~ we are using the rich demographic data that comes in with the BLT to find out what makes us sick, and how to get well. It proves which beliefs and habits bring health to a person, and which ones drain it out. 

3. EQUIP HEALTHY COMMUNITIES ~ Businesses, schools, churches, physicians, counselors, rehab clinics will get all their local average BLT scores free, so they can track progress from their efforts to inspire a healthier workforce, student body, congregation, etc. This does not jeopardize privacy of the test.

4. CREATE A POPULAR WEBSITE ~ is a lively, engaging experience for who want “the good life.” 

5. SPREAD THE WELLNESS VIRUS ~ Test users just mentioned can create their own expanded versions of the BLT (Asbury is wanting to do one for Christians.).  In open research, WELL scores the BLT items in return for the demographic data. Webmaster will get media coverage for our interesting research findings.  

We measure personal well-being: not the wellness of your body, bank account, or your family, but the health of the person who takes care of all these things, YOU.  We define healthy as whatever does the most good and the least harm for the most people in the long run.

Our view of personal well-being and illness is an age-old blended model, spoken/confirmed in several languages/wisdom streams, including , science, history, nature, philosophy, recovery wisdom, and teachings from all three major western religions.

Our wellness test (the BLT) measures healthy and unhealthy ways to handle nine common experiences:  • Truth • Peace • Respect • Love • Mercy • Sexuality • Money • Purpose and physical • Health.

3 downloadable Learning Tools for each includes
• biblical insights (25+ annotated passages),
• life lessons from psychology, and
• practical parenting tips.

It will provide free links to resources our board considers compatible with our model, including:  other websites, tests, surveys, research, podcasts, blogs, schools, businesses, counselors, coaches, therapists, pastoral counselors, novels, self-help books, movies, documentaries, TV shows, etc.

Our board will be assembled in 1/24.  We have chosen not to ask any prospective new board members to join the original 2020 founding board until the BLT is loaded onto a new, even more secure software platform in January 2024.  Starting 12/12/23, we are reloading the test questions and the data base of our previous respondents' answers into Qualtrics CoreXM.  This will allow prospective board members to experience first-hand the benefits of taking the test and using its educational resources:  solving problems, personal growth and healing, and inspiring healthier mindsets, lifestyles, and relationships.  We seek to serve our board members before asking them to join us in serving others.

For Christians and Jews:  The Bible teaches that God’s guidance is given for everyone, for our well-being. The model and its nine pairs of traits are taught by Solomon, Jesus, and Paul.

For all others: This model and all these traits are found 3000 years ago, in the wisdom literature of Persia and Egypt, and then later in Islam and 12-step recovery.  

Our services and resources will be offered free to both individuals and groups, such as marriages, families, teams, schools, businesses, and churches.  Under our Creative Commons Copyright,  anyone can give this test to their own group for free, and even use their own questions alongside ours.  Their respondents' answers will be scored for free with instant results emailed back.  In return, we get to use their answers to our questions in our data base.  And using the open research model, anyone can use our data for their research, in return for our using theirs.  The BLT is licensed by Creative Commons Copyright BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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