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To Find a Better Life,
Come to the WELL

This free, anonymous, personalized test measures 3 aspects of 9 issues that can build or destroy healthy self-worth










Video with Paul as narrator (1 min commercial)

For anyone seeking a better life.

This website and wellness test are for anybody who wants a better life.  The nonprofit behind all this comes from different places, ages, races, beliefs, and lifestyles.  We give away what we learn so we can keep learning more.  We care about you and your privacy, because we care about ours. Testing takes

15-20 minutes and is completely private.

Dr. Paul Schmidt is the founder of To The Well, Inc. He practices clinical psychology in Louisville and Shelbyville, KY. Dr. Schmidt is educated at Vanderbilt University and the University of Colorado. He’s the author of numerous journal articles, two books, and two personality tests. Both his blog and podcast provide Brain Food for the Good Life.

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Watch the cup of wellness overflow in your life!

The Common Good, Scientific Integrity, Universal Generosity,  Cross-validation, and Diversity for Synergy so our cup runs over. 

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